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Francesca Silvestri

PhD Student

Francesca Silvestri received her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science in 2018 and her Master’s degree in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotecnology in 2021 at University of Florence, with Dr. Chiata Tesi as supervisor.

Currently, she is a PhD student, with Dr. Emilia Conti as mentor, in the Doctoral School in Atomic and Molecular Photonics at the European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy (LENS) of University of Florence, in the Neurophotonics Group of Prof. Francesco Saverio Pavone.

Her research project aims to investigate critical features of functional plasticity that are relevant to the recovery of motor function in a mouse model of post-stroke rehabilitation by applying a multi-depth imaging approach. To this end, a combination of cutting-edge optical techniques is exploited to study and manipulate functional remapping in cortical and subcortical regions.