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Riccardo Cicchi


Riccardo Cicchi received his Master Degree in physics in 2003 at the University of Florence, working on skeletal muscle myosin mechanics, using a multiple optical tweezers setup. In 2007 he got his Ph.D. in physics at the University of Florence with a thesis titled “Non-linear imaging of human skin”. His research involved multiphoton microscopy imaging of human skin tissue, in particular functional imaging of skin cancer and the study of the effects caused by the application of Optical Clearing Agents in two photon microscopy. Now he is a Post-Doc at European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy. His research involves ex vivo and in vivo multiphoton microscopy and lifetime imaging of diseased tissues. He strictly collaborates with medical expertises, including dermatologists, urologists, ophtalmologists, anatomo-pathologists. His activity is mainly focused on skin imaging, but it involves also other kinds of human tissues such as cornea, bladder, and colon.