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We are pleased to announce that LENS – European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy –  is one of the access providers within the Eurobioimaging infrastructure under the recent open call by canSERV. This presents a golden opportunity for researchers aiming to delve into projects spanning from foundational discovery science to advanced translational science and even personalized oncology.

Notably, every project which aligns with at least one of the Cancer Mission’s four strategic goals is eligible to participate in this call. The initial funding volume for this call is set at an impressive 1 Million Euro, spread across the canSERV consortium.

Researchers keen on tapping into the wide array of more than 400 services available via canSERV, including those offered by Euro-BioImaging, are invited to submit their proposals. The deadline for submissions is January 4th, 2024, 14:00 CEST.

For a comprehensive overview of the call, inclusive of user guidelines and other essential information, we recommend visiting the official Open Call for Transnational Service Provision page.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to access state-of-the-art services and facilities. Join us in this ambitious venture and make a significant contribution to the scientific community.